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Many clients, and some of our fellow professionals in construction, over-estimate the challenge of using solid stone or marble in buildings.

Our stock-in-trade is an architectural art form.

But with modular design, value engineering and self-supporting elements, this unique contribution becomes a cost-effective component of your programme.

At Chesney’s Architectural we have a wealth of experience and expertise that we’re eager to share.

Even if you are at a very early stage in your planning, call us and we’ll give you our best advice.

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Our in-house design capabilities allow us to develop our clients’ concepts and improve on designs.

This may involve preserving classical proportions, refining the detailing, saving on costs, or enhancing functionality.

Your designs will be inspired by the teachings of Roman architect Vitruvius and the work of Andrea Palladio and his proponents Inigo Jones and Sir Christopher Wren.

And we use 3D modelling and AutoCad drawings to bring them to life.

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Structural engineering expertise underpins our design work. Our engineers calculate loadings and assure the integrity of structures.

Combining this with our architectural knowhow guarantees buildability on site and full compliance with building regulations.

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Our materials are quarried from proven sources of premium-quality stone and marble. We hold stocks of our core materials, which shortens delivery lead times.

Where a client specifies a different material, we will advise on its suitability and organise delivery to our production plant.


Highly skilled carvers and masons prepare the stone and marble to our design team’s precise instructions.

Our capacity (we run two modern fabrication plants) makes it possible to meet tight delivery schedules.

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An in-house team of stonemasons led by our Project Director is responsible for the entire installation process – from delivery to dusting off the completed stonework.

They understand the dynamics of construction sites and the demands of lifting and placing heavy and valuable stone safely in a challenging working environment

project management

Every client has one point of contact at Chesney’s Architectural so you will never be passed around different teams or onto subcontractors.

Our people have extensive experience of contract administration and fully grasp the commercial dimension of building projects.

Their role is to advise and liaise with clients and their professional representatives to ensure your project runs as planned.

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